Butterfly Valley

Butterfly Valley is a natural treasure within the borders of the town of Faralya. Surrounded by steep rocky walls reaching around 350 meters, the valley has taken its name from large number of species of butterflies, which made a home here. A small waterfall spill into the valley at a height of around 50 meters, reaches the Mediterranean with a stream passing through the middle of the valley. The valley has been well protected from the outside world due to the isolation of the sea by the steep cliffs surrounding it.

This may be the main reason why the valley’s butterfly population is a variety. Although some species are not endemic to the valley, it is exciting to see them in the watery and snug places of the Mediterranean as well as in the waterfalls of the valley and along the stream.

The valley was used as a pier of the town of Perdikya (Faralya) in Lycian time. Since the Byzantium times, it was used as homestead, church, retaining wall etc.

Where the wide end of the high rocky walls meets the sea there is a beautiful sandy beach and bungalow accommodation in the valley. Although it is not an easy climb down and back up again, it is worth a day trip or staying over.

To access the Valley, you can either take public or private boat from Ölüdeniz or come over land with public minibuses to the top of the Valley and hike down to the beach (see “How to Get There” section). As it takes time to climb down and up, you should allow plenty time for the visit and refrain from going down late afternoon thinking that you will be back before it is dark. It is also important that you have appropriate sturdy walking shoes (definitely refrain from going down with your slippers).

Source: Faralya Visitor’s Guide