Kabak Beach

Located south of the Butterfly Valley, Kabak Bay has a beach in a protected area surrounded by mountains, and a natural beauty that hosts a number of endemic plant and animal species.

The main attraction is going down to the perfect beach of Kabak, where you can experience an ecological life in tents, bungalows or tree houses, and you can witness the full moonlit nights, which can only be encountered in the rare places of the world.

Walking short trails in the valley and along the surrounding mountains would definitely make you feel the unique beauty of this land. Walking up, you will reach Aladere waterfalls and several pools – ideal for hot summer day dip. Please see trekking section for more details on how to reach Aladere waterfalls and pools.

Kabak essentially have two sections. At the end and along the asphalt road, there are residences of locals living there. Restaurants, yoga retreats, and accommodation as guest houses and bungalow camps are spread around the slopes and down the beach.

Kabak Bay from the Butterfly Valley can be reached by walking, minibuses or private cars along the asphalt road to the south connecting three location of Faralya. When you come to Kabak which is the last stop (the road basically ends there) the beach can be reached by walking down the yellow & red way-marked trail. It is also accessible via the dirt road that is part of the Lycian Way. Additionally, there is a paid minibus service. Private cars are not allowed as the road goes through private land.

Source: Faralya Visitor’s Guide