Kıdrak Beach

The first sight of Faralya, Kıdrak, will welcome you as early as a couple of kilo meters to the south of Ölüdeniz beach. There is a white sand beach here and, at the back of it, a valley with a rich nature.  The beach has a crystal clear and wavy sea – on of the most beautiful around Fethiye region. It is also generally much less crowded than the Ölüdeniz beach.
Beautiful rocky mountains rise up above the beach. Under these rocks  the stream of the cold water flows into the sea at this point. You would feel the cooling water when you swim especially to the north of the beach.
 There a few houses belonging to one family and There is a relaxing motel that you can spend the night in the valley (Kıdrak Motel). If you are after some more luxury accommodation,  Likya Liberty Hotels is a resort at the south, next to the Kıdrak beach.